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Community Asset Development

Sustainable Development starts with elevating the physical, intellectual, and emotional well-being of the community. We focus our work on an asset-based approach to human services and development that places people over property. Community asset development emphasizes the development of the whole family and community at large.

Skills to Success-Job Readiness

Employment resources around resumes, interviews, and job search

Center for Working Families
The Center for Working Families (CWF)  

  • Providing Financial Resources (budgeting, banking, restoring credit)

  • Employment resources

Co-Located Services

  • Center of Wellness for Urban Women (CWUW)

  • Prosecutor Child Support Office

  • Marian University Writing Lab and HSE/GED classes

  • Kid’s Voice-Free Legal Services

  • Internships


Elders Center

The senior program allows seniors to meet and socialize with one another as well as participate in several planned activities.

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