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Flanner House in the News

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A local organization on the near northwest side of Indianapolis recently opened a new mental health clinic called the Morningstar Afrocentric Wellness Center. The goal is to… READ MORE

"We're working with black folks to move them from positions of instability and crisis to positions of self-reliance," said Flanner House CEO Brandon Cosby. Flanner House has receivedREAD MORE

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Nicole Green sees food insecurity in her customers’ lives every day. There’s the elderly woman who lives across the street and comes to pick up fresh eggs every week because she doesn’t have a car. There’s the woman whoREAD MORE

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We look forward to working with our community development partners to turn the vision of Vacant to Vibrant into a reality.” Flanner House, will be receiving $600,000 for their home ownership project. Flanner House helps support families in the Near Northwest.  READ MORE

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Since its inception in 2016, Flanner Farms has worked to end food deserts on the Northwest side of the city, and nearly seven years later, the program continues to uphold that standard. Today, the farm produces… READ MORE

The Flanner House is building on its commitment to the community with an element focused on overall health, with hope it helps strengthen Indianapolis’ urban core. Flanner House is in its 125th year of service to the Indianapolis black community, andREAD MORE

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