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Flanner House Food Justice Department

With the creation of the Flanner House Food Justice Department, the F.E.E.D. program was born as a direct outreach program to the youth of the northwest Indianapolis community. F.E.E.D (Farming, Education, Employment, and Distribution) is designed to develop knowledge, skills, and opportunities for youth ages 16 to 24, who have experienced a number of societal hurdles, including chronic unemployment, engagement in the legal system, learning disabilities, as well as the lack of a GED; we work to assist participants to become gainfully employed, adequately educated, economically stable, and socially engaged within the growing sectors of the local food economy in Indianapolis. The major components of the food distribution and sales training offered by our organization includes Flanner House Farm and Cleo’s Bodega. These operations provide ample service and sales experience in the bodega, as well as internship opportunities in our commercial kitchen. After training within the urban farm is completed, participants are trained in food distribution strategies that empower our youth to grasp the importance of local foods and the care and labor that it takes to cultivate them, therefore fostering a deeper connection and appreciation for the journey our food takes from the farm to the table.



Farming, Education, Employment, and Distribution
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