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Black and white pencil art of Trolly cars...about 13"x17"....$100.00

Black and white pencil art of

Trolly cars. 13"x17" - $100.00

Golden Gate Bridge Black and white pencil 13"x17" - $100.00

Colorful Panda Bear framed painting. 16"x20" - $100.00

Under the Tower Golden Gate Bridge 23"x23" - $100.00

Red Rose Hand Made Art. 24"x30" - $600.00

Black and White Pig Art. 20"x19" - $75.00

Color Wheels are Turning

16"X20" - $75.00

Circle of Life by Lena Liu for The Bradford Exchange $25.00

Brownstone 4 pcs Pottery Set..


Children with Guardian Angels by The Bradford Exchange $25.00

Original Teapot with Lid.


Obama on Lincoln Steps...canvas.....$40.00

Obama Wins The White House

canvas - $40.00

Rachel Ray 16 pcs glassware 2 sets.

$25.00 each set

Black and White Canvas Art by Lance 12"x20" $100.00

Colorful Artwork by Lance...30"x40" $200.00

White Liz Claiborne Purse $50.00

Joseph J Pliner Animal Print Purse...$20.00

Sterling Cut Glass 3 pcs set...$15.00

Autographed football and Picture of Colts #28 $100.00

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